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Guzman Acain provides notarial services of documents for use in the United States. The typical US documents that we notarize are Affidavits, Power of Attorneys, Grant Deeds, State of California Quitclaim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Waivers, Mortgage Documents, Petitions, and Divorce documents for filing in the US Courts.  

Please be informed that we do not notarize Department of State Forms (DS Forms) as this can only be notarized at the US Embassy in Manila. 

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The U.S. Embassy used to accredit local notaries in the past and during that time Atty. Alexander Llanes Acain Jr. was an accredited U.S. notary until the year 2006. The U.S. Embassy Manila discontinued the accreditation of all local notaries in 2006 due to the changes in international protocols and conventions regarding the authentication, legalization, and notarial of documents.

Yes. We can notarize your documents which you can legally use in the United States. We do not need the approval of the U.S. Embassy anymore to do this because the Philippines has become a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. But the documents that we notarized must be Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs following the Hague Apostille Convention. 

No. The legalization of your document at the US Embassy is no longer required when the document is notarized pursuant to the Hague Apostille Convention. But an Apostille which will be issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs is necessary so your document will be accepted in the United States.

No, it is no longer required. The notarization of your documents directly at the US Embassy Manila is always your first option. We only offer an alternative, especially when the US Embassy Manila is not available to notarize your documents.

You have to set an appointment and personally appear in our Office. You can set an appointment by sending us an email at or SMS at +639175002878. Kindly bring the original documents to be notarized and your Passport or any government-issued Identification. We prefer that you email us the PDF copies of the documents to be notarized and your valid ID at least a day before the scheduled appointment so we can prepare them in advance.

We will send the original documents to you after we get the Apostille of your documents.  At your option, we can also send, by overnight courier, all the original notarized documents with the Apostille directly to your closing agent in the United States.

No. You have to provide your own witnesses if your documents require witnesses.


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