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Guzman Acain is a Philippine Corporate Law Firm. The lawyers at Guzman Acain have represented and advised corporate clients as to the proper way to incorporate and register companies at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We always take into consideration the type of business, licenses required, and the future expansion plans of the company.

We are also experienced in representing clients in diverse corporate transactions in the field of financing and acquisitions to mergers and acquisitions. Our co-founding partner is also experienced in representing clients in various commercial transactions overseas.

Our Corporate Services

Business Formation and Incorporation
We offer the most convenient and cost-effective way of incorporating your business. We also advise our clients on various business incorporation issues. We also offer a full range of legal services to foreign corporations and individuals who wish to establish their businesses in the Philippines as well as the formation of special purpose vehicles overseas.

Corporate Litigation
Our corporate practice also focuses on legal representation to corporations in corporate litigation. This includes but is not limited to intra-corporate disputes, corporate rehabilitation, suspension of payments, violation of securities law. Our firm offers extensive legal services to companies and individuals and advises them on the critical issues of corporate litigation.

Legal Opinions 
We issue legal opinions on Philippine law for purposes of compliance and submission to foreign government agencies in transactions involving long-term operating leases of commercial aircraft. We also issue legal opinions on matters about the Philippine Securities Law and Cryptocurrency.    

Negotiation, Draft, and Review of Commercial Contracts
We represent clients both local and foreign in the negotiation of the various commercial transactions. Our lawyers have advised, worked, and represented various foreign companies in the negotiation of various major commercial transactions in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Representative Experience
  • Advised and Represented a leading Australian IT company – Total RISC Technology Pty Ltd (TRT) obtain a license to operate for its Branch Office in the Philippines.

  • Advised and Represented a leading US defense and cybersecurity company, Perimeter Internet Working Company/Silversky, to obtain a license to operate for its Branch Office in the Philippines. 

  • Advised and Represented a Kuwait company United International Hotels Group WLL obtain a license for its Branch Office in the Philippines.

  • Advised and Represented a leading Indian Pharmaceutical company Marion Biotechobtain a license to operate for its Representative Office in the Philippines.

  • Advised and Represented a foreign investor to construct, establish, and operate a high-end island Hotel Resort and Spa on the island of Palawan, Philippines.

  • Advised and Represented Proview Global, a leading US benefits and administration company, setting up operations in the Philippines.

  • Advised and Represented a leading Chinese Telecommunications company do business as a Telecommunications Construction company in the Philippines.

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