Why Guzman Acain LLP

What Makes Us the Go-To Firm for corporate transactions, disputes, and litigation? 

We approach the practice of law from a unique perspective. We prefer using innovative solutions to solve legal problems as opposed to traditional methods. We constantly improve our law practice by keeping ourselves abreast of legal developments all the time. We are results-oriented and client success is very important to us. We believe that keeping our clients fully informed is crucial to achieving desired business goals.

Competency.Accessibility.Reliability. (CAR)

When you have the CAR, you can move faster. 

Competency. Our firm is composed of forward-thinking lawyers who possess deeper knowledge, skills, and understanding of the Philippine Laws. Our lawyers are also experienced in both local and international law practice. We think out of the box and prefer to use innovative solutions to legal problems as opposed to traditional methods. We are disruptors of the status quo.

Accessibility. Our office is located in the heart of Makati City, Philippines. We are using a high-technology Law Office infrastructure that would make us easily accessible to our clients. We are always accessible, especially when you need urgent legal assistance.

Reliability. This is one of the pillars of our legal services which we have nurtured and maintained all through the years since our Firm was established in 2002. Our firm which is composed of forward-thinking lawyers is committed to the excellence and integrity of the legal profession. The success of our clients is very important to us. Our primary objective is to provide results-oriented and cost-effective legal services.

Our Focus

We are devoted to all types of Corporate Transactions such as transactions in Aviation, Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services, Real Estate, Construction, Technology, Travel, Gaming, and Hospitality. Our litigation specialization is also focused on Family law, Immigration, Criminal Law, Labor and Employment, Intellectual Property, Cybercrime, and Fraud, Tax Law, and corporate disputes. We counsel clients on local and global business, regulatory, and litigation matters. Our Firm also provides US Notarial and Apostille services.

Our Clients

Our clients are both local and foreign. From individuals, and small and medium-sized businesses to large foreign companies who base their business decisions on our legal opinion regarding various issues about Philippine Law. We are conflict-free.

Our Fee Structure

We are charging our clients on a flat fee or hybrid scheme (a combination of flat fee and hourly rate, or contingency fee) Additionally, we also charge a certain amount for a lawyer’s appearance fee every time we appear in Court or tribunal hearings and Jail visits. We also charge a competitive hourly rate for special projects, legal interviews, and online consultations.

Our Philosophy Regarding Our Fees

Our Firm competes on the value and quality of our legal services rather than on low price. We usually attract clients who know the value of a top-notch legal service. We always support the fees that we charge by the value and quality of our legal services, the results that we obtain, our knowledge, and skills, and the convenience and accessibility of our lawyers.

Our Team

We are composed of highly experienced, forward-thinking, and tech-savvy lawyers delivering the expertise demanded by our clients, thinking out of the box, and disruptors of the status quo. The co-founding partners of our Firm have more than 25 years of experience in various types of litigation and have handled transactions and controversies involving local and international corporations. One of our partners practices law internationally and has handled matters in France, the UK, Italy, Budapest, Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Brazil, Montenegro, Georgia, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. This breadth of international experience is what differentiates our firm from the others.

Partners of the Firm

More than 31 years in practice

Val Guzman

More than 25 years in practice

Alex Acain

We grow when our clients grow

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