Guzman Acain lawyer Alex Acain is in the Netherlands for the Air & Space Law Masterclass Workshop at the Leiden University Institute of Air and Space Law. The Air Law Masterclass Workshop is an exclusive and invitation-only international gathering of aviation experts and professionals from all over the world to discuss the legal and regulatory issues on air transport and the space industry. 

The list of topics that are to be discussed in this workshop are Aircraft  Leasing and Financing; Practical Aspects on Aviation Claims; EU Air Transport Liberalization; Montreal Convention and Warsaw Claims; Aviation Insurance & Reinsurance Transition; Terrorism and Tugs; The Cape Town Convention; Air Space Law; and Air Transport updates and latest regulations.

In the recent post on social media, the workshop ended with lively and very interesting discussions on passengers’ claims under the Montreal Convention as the Philippines has acceded to the Convention recently in 2015. Alex Acain is looking forward to seeing interesting cases applying the Montreal Convention of 1999 before our Courts soon.


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